Health & Wellness


  1. JUICE IT UP WITH FRUIT: Plain water can easily get boring, so add in a few slices of lemon, lime, berries, or even cucumber! It makes you feel like you’re drinking spa water.
  2. DRINK 1 CUP BEFORE EVERY MEAL: Did you know that it’s hard to tell the difference between feeling thirst and hunger? Drinking water before you eat a meal can help you to avoid overeating.
  3. USE A STRAW: There’s something about drinking out of a straw that makes it just a little bit easier.
  4. BUY A FANCY WATER BOTTLE: Go pick out your favorite color, or a new design.  It is worth the investment to get you more excited about drinking water.
  5. CHILL IT: Put a bottle in the freezer or fridge for 5 minutes or so! It’s SO refreshing.
  6. WRIST REMINDERS: Wearing bracelets (rubber bands) on the left arm and moving one to the right arm throughout the day to make sure you get your “8” glasses really helps, especially for beginners.
  7. COMPETE WITH A FRIEND: Some people just need the accountability.  We are always tracking steps, exercise, and calories – so why not track the amount of water we consume every day? See who can drink 8 cups of water first.
  8. FOR EVERY NON-WATER BEVERAGE, DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER: Allow yourself to drink juice, soda, or coffee… but then follow up with extra water.

It may be a pain – but drinking water has SOOO many benefits – so drink up.